Photo Op Eye Palette: Smokebox

Get ready to smolder with six of the sexiest shadows we’ve ever offered. The looks are limitless with this sultry palette—let Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor walk you through two effortless options here!


Soft Smoke

Step 1: Apply Mist and blend upwards towards brow

Step 2: Brush Putty across lashline and blend up

Step 3: Mix Putty and Mist, and apply to lower lashline


Smoldering Cat Eye

Step 1: Apply Bliss from lashline to brow bone as base

Step 2: Softly line Royal across upper lashline and wing out at the end

Step 3: Brush Putty on inner corners and blend halfway over Royal

Step 4: Apply Nocturnal to lower lashline, wing out at the end and connect around outer edge to the wing you made with Royal