Photo Op Eye Palette: Softbox

Six gorgeous everyday shades in one palette? Yes, please! Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor shows us two fab looks that work anytime, anywhere. But don’t stop here—your options are endless these shadows...


Perfectly Polished

Step 1: Apply Fizz all over lid

Step 2: Blend Ignite into crease

Step 3: Line Pebble across upper lashline

Step 4: Wash Vanilla across the brow bone

Step 5: Mix Fizz and Pebble and apply to lower lashline


Soft Cat Eye

Step 1: Apply Vanilla from lashline to brow bone

Step 2: Mix Fizz and Pebble and apply on lid up to the natural crease

Step 3: Brush Sienna on outer corners and softly wing out

Step 4: Sweep Ignite across lower lashline