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For almost 20 years, LT (that’s what we call her here at the studios) has been working her artistry magic. When she’s not heading up our artistry team, she’s working Fashion Weeks from L.A. to Toronto and sharing studio secrets on Extra, The Today Show and beyond.

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  • She got into beauty because of her grandmother: “She was a complete beauty junkie—had wigs, lashes, everything. I used to play with her vanity instead of dolls.”

  • Leading artistry at fashion shows from L.A. to Europe has led to some, er, wild adventures: “Once they asked me to put lipstick on a llama. A live llama! I was like, ‘Are you serious?!’”

  • She actually wouldn’t mind being a cocktail waitress. Her drink of choice? A dirty martini with 3 blue cheese-filled olives.

  • Her favorite part of L.A. is downtown: “It’s almost a hidden treasure, super chic, very urban and smart.”

  • She can’t stand it when people say beauty is superficial: “Makeup has a healing element. There’s something about making people feel great that’s more emotional than material.”

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