Our makeup was born in a Los Angeles photo studio and put to the test by professional makeup artists and photographers. Right away we knew that our primers, foundations and lipsticks (all made cruelty-free) were the secret to perfect pictures. Inspired by our on-set expertise, we make high-quality, super-comfortable products that give you that gorgeous look anytime, on or off duty, in front of the camera or behind the lens.


noun /smaSH-bäks/

1: Slang for a box-style camera introduced in the early 1900s as a way to capture everyday life.

2: A creative, collaborative community of artists, makers and doers.



In 1990, acclaimed photographer Davis Factor and his brother Dean, founded Smashbox Studios to give beauty and creativity a home in L.A.

“I wanted to create a culture. Not just a studio. I didn’t want to exclude anybody. I wanted to plant a seed so people could grow, and that meant everyone was welcome.”

The new studio quickly became a hub for world-class photographers, actors, models and musicians. The creative energy on set showed no signs of slowing down except when the team had to stop for makeup touch ups. In 1996, Davis started Smashbox Cosmetics, and shortly after debuted the now cult-favorite Photo Finish Primer. It made makeup look flawless, feel better and lasts longer on set and way after the shoot wrapped. Smashbox Cosmetics was born, and a new era began.


global pro lead artist

  1. She got into beauty because of her grandmother: “She was a complete beauty junkie—had wigs, lashes, everything. I used to play with her vanity instead of dolls.”

  2. Leading artistry at fashion shows from L.A. to Europe has led to some, er, wild adventures: “Once they asked me to put lipstick on a llama. A live llama! I was like, ‘Are you serious?!’”

  3. She actually wouldn’t mind being a cocktail waitress. Her drink of choice? A dirty martini with 3 blue cheese-filled olives.

  4. Her favorite part of L.A. is downtown: “It’s almost a hidden treasure, super chic, very urban and smart.”

  5. She can’t stand it when people say beauty is superficial: “Makeup has a healing element. There’s something about making people feel great that’s more emotional than material.”


Smashbox Studios is founded by Dean and Davis Factor, great grandsons of Hollywood makeup legend Max Factor. Visionary photographers start shooting iconic pictures for major magazines, fashion campaigns and record labels from day one.


Davis, a renowned photographer, hosts the first-ever Photo Assistants Show to spotlight new talent, turning Smashbox into a cultural epicenter and a modern-day image factory. The show is an annual industry event to this day.


Smashbox Cosmetics releases its first studio-tested lineup. 

While still in development, the Photo Finish Foundation Primer becomes a word-of-mouth sensation among makeup artists who request it for shoots and consistently steal it from set.


Already coveted by professionals, the perfected Photo Finish Foundation Primer officially launches, bringing longer-lasting, better-looking makeup beyond the studio. 

"All of our products carry out of the photo studio and into reality," says Davis. "Because we know if it works in the tough studio environment it will work in the real world.”


L.A. Fashion Week debuts at Smashbox Studios and over the years, showcases designers like Jenni Kayne and Jeremy Scott. Anna Wintour, Cameron Diaz and other stars dominate the front rows.


Our first transformer product, O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color, launches and garners innovation breakthrough awards from Sephora and Allure.


We spot the BB Cream trend onset and act quickly. Pros were obsessed with its multi-tasking benefits, so we launched our own version—Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream—the first in a range of shades.


We win our first Clio Award with a digital billboard for the “Love Me” collection on Hollywood Boulevard. The sign stops traffic during Oscar week. Fans built their own billboards on Facebook, which were projected on the huge digital sign—putting our fans in the spotlight.


On its 25th anniversary, Smashbox Studios reopens after a major facelift and celebrities, artists and legendary photographers return to the cool, creative space to shoot iconic images.


You inspired us to think big—so we did! We expanded our Be Legendary Lipstick collection to 120 epic shades that swipe on brilliant color. Each was created and tested in our L.A. studio to stay put in photos and last throughout an all-day shoot.


Studio Skin Full Coverage 24 Hour Foundation launched with 40 shades, controls oil & shine, won’t cause acne, and feels weightless on skin. See it to believe it.